Dedication. Attention. Continuity.


We create boats for you. We make your dreams of sailing a perfect boat true, and we are there for you all the lifetime of your boat. We are on your disposal from the moment you get in love with our yacht untill the moment you will not have it any more for any reason. And we want you to be happy all along that journey. Our success is measurable with happiness of our owners when they buy the yacht, when they use it and at the end sell it.

We will not forget you once you buy the boat.
That is only a begining of a beautiful journey that we are going on together.


We will listen to your what you want from yacht, what are your wishes and dreams, and according to that, our team of experts will make a perfect specification and adjustments just for you. We will take all the time you need to put together your dream boat.


We will be on your disposal not only during warranty time. Our engeneers, wood experts, mechanics, electritians and GRP experts are on your disposal for any advice or help you will need in future. Just contact us and we will try to find a solution for you in as soon as possible.


When you decide to sell the boat, we will help you to sell it trough our dealer network for used boats. If needed we will help you with refurbishing the boat from outside or inside, according to your wishes and condition of the boat.

We have long and quality relations with financing institutions in Croatia which enables us to get excellent conditions for financing of your boats. If you need any help, just contact our finance and accounting department who will gladly help you with information and paperwork.

We will recommend few of the best financing institutions in Croatia that are specialized and have long experience in boat financing.